Why are Micro-Drones Important

Microdrone technology is transforming surveying practices by its precise measuring, low cost, time-saving and all-weather solutions. 

Why are Micro-Drones Important
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Why are Micro-Drones Important

Microdrones are a result of the changing face of surveying techniques and visual inspection to provide adequate services. These miniature UAVs provide quick navigation with excellent communication range operations. The size and design of micro-drones are suitable for remote observation of hazardous locations where access to the ground is impossible. Their weight can be lesser than 2 kg that can easily be carried and launched. From detecting methane in gas pipeline infrastructure to managing construction sites, they reform older ways of operations. Microdrone technology is transforming surveying practices by its precise measuring, low cost, time-saving and all-weather solutions. 

Common areas of application of microdrones 

Drones can reach almost anywhere for a quick and reliable inspection. In emergency situations, where acquiring and analyzing satellite imagery can be time-consuming, a UAV gathers data in lesser time. Here are some popular uses of next-generation surveying system using microdrones.

Precision Agriculture 

Monitoring crop health using drones is becoming a common practice now. Microdrones provide longer flight timing in any weather. Farmers or agronomists can easily survey a field and repeat the process any number of times. Microdrones helped in tracking the mole population in the DDRAUN project in France. 

Microdrones system can analyze soil erosion, measure the growth of crops, and help in calculating vegetation indices.

Archaeology and Mining 

Since microdrones have the ability to gather precise high-resolution data, it is perfect for aerial surveys for archaeological sites. Their thermal and multispectral imaging technology can easily find out any buried remains. 

Microdrones are a low-cost solution for getting an aerial perspective of the mining sites. Exploring for minerals, surveying mines, mapping deposit suites, and monitoring stockpile volumes are some mining applications of microdrones. 


Construction sites require regular monitoring of the infrastructure for real-time project overviews. Microdrones provide a complete UAV solution for construction by easily navigating at any terrain. The data can be used to create accurate 2D and 3D maps or models. They help in improving the safety of construction sites with effective monitoring. 

The miniature form of UAVs is useful in conducting surveys for the project from start to finish and give accurate project estimates. Mapping canals, roads, pipelines, and other nearby infrastructures is crucial to avoid pausing or shutting down work in the future. 

Detecting methane

Detecting methane in pipelines is important as pipes can degrade with age allowing methane to leak. Microdrones are more effective for this purpose as compared to ground surveying techniques. The drone can fly slowly to avoid any explosion. After the process, the collected data can be visualized on a map. Some manufacturers also provide an android app such as mdCOCKPIT for live data view of potential methane gas leakage in real-time. 

mdCOCKPIT Android app (microdrones.com)

Microdrones are reliable and safe for aerial inspection and surveying. They can be used to inspect monuments, bridges, railway lines, critical infrastructure, power lines, solar panels, and wind turbines. They are small, autonomous, and risk-free with advanced electronics and sensors.